The European Bossons Collectors Group is an informal gathering of friends and family that meets once a year, normally in August, somewhere in Europe. We normally have a two day event and cover all the important agenda items that were brought up at the Annual IBCS Meeting.  We invite anyone who is interested in Bossons (Character Masks, Plaques, Pottery, Lamps etc.),  Fraser Art, and Ivorex (Osborne or Bossons) to please come and enjoy good food, times and friendships.  - Martyn and Val

European Bossons Collectors Group
9th Annual Meeting European Bossons Collectors
Where: Congleton, England
When:  Saturday August 13th, 2016
Times: To Be Announced (TBA)
Local Hotel Info: Lion & Swan Hotel, Congleton, England 
CW12 1AH
Tel - 01260 273115
 Email -
Contact Persons:  Martyn and Val Chapman (See Above)

Martyn and Val Chapman
Fox Hill, Fox Street
Ardleigh  Essex
England CO7 7PP
Tel. 01206 230816
European Bossons Collectors Group
8th Annual Meeting
August 1, 2015
Lion & Swan Hotel, Congleton, England
Photos by Kevin Phipps