I was born and raised in the little town of Brunswick, Maine.  Upon graduating from High School, I enlisted in the US Army to complete my then manitory serivce obligation.  I retired from active duty 20 years later in Tampa, Florida.  I am married to Teena and between us we have 4 children, 7grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.  Teena was the collector in the family when we married in 1988.  I decided that I would take an interest in her Bossons hobby and joined the International Bossons Collectors Society in January of 1992.  Almost immediately I was contacted by a member from St. Petersburg, Florida who wanted me to join the local Florida chapter that was just forming.  After several years of attending meetings, I became the Director of the Florida chapter and remained so until the 20th Annual Meeting of the IBCS.  It was at that meeting that I as elected President and continue to serve.