January 2016

My husband Bill and I live in Flushing (Queens), NY... just outside of Manhattan. Queens is home to Citifield (the New York Mets stadium, even though I am a Yankee fan), the 1939 and 1964/1965 World's Fairs and home of the U.S. Tennis Open.
We drive into Manhattan to work every day. We both work at a real estate appraisal firm... I'm on the administrative end and Bill is a real estate appraiser
Every day is a new adventure in our house. We take advantage of all that Manhattan and Queens have to offer. 
Bill started collecting Bossons in the mid-70s. We were in New Hope, PA and wandered into a store... and there he was! Bill decided to purchase the Lifeboat Man. It was love at first sight! The following year he purchased The Boatman in the same place. 
While walking through the Rockefeller Center stores one day, he found a store with a number of Bossons in the window. He went in and the store owner showed him about 60 different Bossons. He asked if Bill was a collector which he wasn't. He told Bill how to join the society. Bill signed up. He is a Life Member and I am a Member.  
Then we found the Collectors World store on Cape Cod and added more pieces.  
My in-laws have a summer place in upstate New York. We would go to barn sales and then one day... there was a curio cabinet. Low and behold, it was filled with about 6 Bossons, of which we bought 5 of them. 
In our former home (a condo), we had our Bossons displayed all over the walls in our bedroom. My favorites were Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and Moriarity! One day we came home from work and Sherlock tried to escape the wall. I found him in pieces all over the floor. Poor Sherlock... we will replace him soon. Altogether we have over 70 Bossons. Some of our friends are intrigued by them and a couple are actually scared of them (they're so life-like). They are endearingly known as our "shrunken heads".
During one of the annual meetings, I purchased Anne Boylen which is absolutely beautiful. She looks so regal while she still had her head. At our last annual meeting, I fell in love with Ivorex. Thanks to Bob Popp, we were able to purchase 8 pieces including Rockefeller Center and St. Patrick's Cathedral!!!! Our hometown landmarks! The other pieces are representative of places in England, where we hope to visit in the next couple years.
And thanks to Norm and Teena, I discovered Briar Rose. I purchased the Hedgehog who is absolutely adorable. While I'm not sure there is any room left to start that collection, I had to get him because he was so cute. He's on the mantle of our fireplace.
We love to travel... exploring new places and hope to go to Ireland next year. Maybe we will find more Bossons!
Norm and Teena have done such a wonderful job in the past, that we have pretty big shoes to fill.
I'm excited about our Society going forward. We can do that with all of your help! Let's do this together!

Donna & Bill McLernon