September 2010

Deborah Diane (Dee Dee) Massey did not start out a collector of Bossons, as a matter of fact she did not know if she even liked them.  She found the little heads interesting and saw her first Bosson while living in Seattle (circa 1984) at a Tobacco shop in the Mall.  Dee Dee had no idea of what it was or even who made them.  It was only after meeting Rick in 1995, that Dee Dee again saw the little heads and was told what they were and that there was even a collectors society affiliated with the little characters.  With Ricks enthusiasm, she became interested in Bossons collecting and attended her first IBCS convention with Rick at Seattle, WA in 1999.  That was all it took-   Dee Dee quickly developed quite an astute eye for finding the wall masks in antique stores and on Ebay.  Since then, Rick and Dee Dee (married in June 23, 2001) have added some scarce pieces to their collection, now totaling between 155 to 200 pieces, counting some duplicates and signed pieces.  She still loves to look for Bossons on the rare occasion that she is able to go antiquing and shopping.
As for a favorite Bossons piece, it is very hard to decide.  There are the Poodles which remind her of her fur babies (Char & Coal), then the bird pieces that remind her of her various visitors to the back yard bird feeders. Then there are the Victorian characters.  These are the people she would love to sit down with for conversation and Afternoon Tea.  Besides going to wineries and wine tasting, Dee Dee does enjoy Afternoon Tea at the different tea rooms that she and Rick have gone to throughout their travels, most recently at The Biltmore Estates in Asheville, North Carolina.  Dee Dee would like someday to visit Scotland and return to England for a long visit, but now she is content going on cruises- her absolutely favorite way to travel!