Barbara Collins Info Page
July 1, 2011

Barbara Collins

I live in coastal country Queensland, Australia in the small historical hamlet called Town of 1770. In 1770 Lt. James Cook explored this coastline, anchored in the bay, found food and fresh water. Lt Cook then claimed the whole country for the British to expand their empire.
My love of Bossons began in January 1997.  In London I 'found' Piccadilly Arcade and a shop the size of a cupboard with many Bossons displayed, Dr. Bob Davis' Imagical World of Bossons Book and a pamphlet about IBCS.
My first IBCS meeting in Burbank in 1997 was an amazing experience, the number of different Bossons at the right price overwhelmed me. I ran out of money before I ran out of Bossons I wanted to buy.
Dr Bob and Kathy Davis, John Cassidy the host of the Burbank meeting and members were so friendly and knowledgeable; I was 'hooked'.
Bossons are not that well known in Australia. My large collection including a prized Bengali and Veiled Caspian Woman had to be sourced overseas.
Every one of the 12 meetings that I've attended since 1997 has been educational, interesting and worth the long trip from 'downunder' to various states in the USA just to be with my Bossons family.
I have professional qualifications, owned my own business for many years and raised my two sons.  Many years have passed and from the three of us we now enjoy a close knit family of 16 including 5 great-granddaughters and one great grandson.
I enjoy my busy life and for several years have done volunteer work in Vietnam and Cambodia. The needs of the Camodians are enormous and their genuine heartfelt appreciation is both rewarding and humbling.
I look forward to being with my delightful 'Collins Family' the IBCS meetings with my 'Bossons Family' and my regular NGO work in Vietnam and Cambodia